The Best of my 102 Footnotes

I was, initially, only vaguely aware of the vast management literature on leadership and only occasionally dove into it, hunting for insight. In fact, I feel most of it misses the point. It simply talks to leaders about how to lead. That is the wrong audience. Leaders think they know how to lead. Good luck trying to teach them otherwise! They only read management books to feel good about what they are already doing. Or to do some self-flagellation. Or to bear a long flight.

However, scan through my new book’s 102 footnotes and you will find some decent, eclectic reads that will really help you in your pursuit to lead whenever leadership feels good or necessary. My footnotes cover fiction design, programming, management, sociology, psychology, speed reading, and body language, including titles like Peopleware, The Psychology of Persuasion, Shibumi, and The Making and Breaking of Affectional Bonds

My best footnote might be number 37. It is long. It is complicated. It is partly Korean. In short, it is an accomplishment. Check it out…

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